What others say

„I have been taking drum lessons with Benno for 4.5 years, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their drumming skills or, like me, start learning the drums. With his decades of experience, Benno knows precisely what I need and where my challenges lie. He is flexible, structures his lessons didactically, and has significantly enhanced my playing at every level.“

Karsten (54)

„The lessons with Benno are a lot of fun. You work at your own pace, and the instruction is varied and exciting. I can highly recommend the lessons!“

Finn (14)

„I dared to pursue my childhood dream of playing the drums only three years ago. From the very first moment with Benno, I felt well taken care of. Benno patiently guides me through every lesson, from reading sheet music to mastering proper hand and foot techniques. He emphasizes finding a balance between playing on the drum set and focusing on injury-prevention techniques. In his teaching, mistakes are allowed, and achievements are celebrated.“

Julia (39)

„The drum lessons with Benno are a lot of fun, and it makes you want to practice. And then you realize for yourself that you’re getting better.“

Mo (10)

„Benno conveys in an unparalleled manner what the true art of drumming entails, with great joy and passion.“

Frank (Mo’s dad)

„I have been Benno’s student for 5 years now, and I am very satisfied with his teaching. We continue to make progress, and I learn something new all the time. It never gets boring, and I have the freedom to determine what I want to practice or play during lessons. Benno always ensures that I play things correctly and doesn’t just go through the motions.“

Wladislaw (15)

„I’ve been a student of Benno for almost 5 years now. I arrived as a complete beginner, with no experience at all behind the drums, and I have to say the journey has been therapeutic for me. He is a super patient teacher, with so many tools, experience and good advice at hand, and also full of music and drumming history. He has a focus on technique which has a huge positive impact on timing, groove and rebound (Joe Morello, George L. Stone, full stroke, Moeller method are names you will constantly hear). I have to thank Benno for being so full of love, knowledge and passion for music, these are characteristics that make it extremely difficult not to get all excited and curious about it.“

Liz (34)

„Do you want to experience fun, relaxed, and professionally excellent drum lessons? Then Benno is the right choice for you! Not only for learning or improving your drumming skills, but also on a personal level, his teaching is an enduring enrichment.“

Manu (40)

„I am very happy to have found Benno. With his calm, loving, and music-loving approach, Benno manages to create each lesson with enthusiasm and joy. I have been with Benno for nearly 2 years, and as a full-time working beginner drummer, I often struggle to find time to practice. However, Benno consistently meets me exactly where I need to be. What particularly fascinates me is his focus on the basics: instead of rushing to achieve acceptable results, we spend a lot of time properly mastering the fundamentals (stick control) and eliminating any errors or incorrect postures from the very beginning. I am truly grateful to be able to share my enthusiasm for this fantastic instrument with such a great teacher. Thank you, Benno!“

Sebastian (49)