Drum lessons in Hamburg

Is this what you are looking for? I am a trained drummer and offer differentiated drum lessons in Hamburg for all age groups, children and adults, from beginners to advanced students who want to further develop themselves. Thanks to my long-term stay in England (see About me) I’m perfectly able to give you drum lessons in English.

Schlagzeugunterricht in Hamburg bei Benno Schlachter

Rhythmus / Groove / Beat

Is it this aspect of music that moves and captivates you? Then you’re in the right place with the drums. The driving force and rhythmic foundation of bands and ensembles, from jazz to punk and metal, are the instruments of drums and bass. It’s the rhythm, the groove of a band, that irresistibly affects listeners and makes them dance.

Are you wondering how you can learn rhythm or if you have a sense of rhythm? The answer is: yes, of course. We all carry the origin, the source of rhythm within us – our heartbeat. It’s an exhilarating feeling to accompany a piece of music that touches you or to play with a band and realize that it’s your beat, your rhythm, your groove that moves the audience and evokes emotions in them. Embark on the journey – rhythm belongs to you

Drums are fascinating

When learning to play the drums, you open up a unique universe of expressive possibilities once you gain access. While playing, we experience both high and very low frequencies. Additionally, we play the instrument with all four limbs simultaneously. All these aspects define the essence of drumming. Therefore, playing the drums is truly a powerful, physical experience, as we quite literally resonate with the vibrations. It goes far beyond mere tactile sensations and auditory perception.

To enjoy playing an instrument and create music with other musicians, learning various musical and technical skills, vocabulary, and concepts for creative practice is essential. This is where my teaching approach comes in – to help you develop your own voice on the instrument. My focus is on a musical language, drumming with heart, body, and mind.

Learning to play the drums – possible at any age

I offer differentiated drum lessons in Hamburg for all age groups, including children and adults. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student looking to further develop your skills, my teaching approach focuses on both fun and goal-oriented learning. I tailor the instruction based on your experiences, wishes, and needs.

As a trained educator, I recognize that teaching children requires a different approach and instructional style compared to working with teenagers or adults. I continue to view myself as a student of the drums, always learning and growing. Over the years, I’ve received extensive training through individual and group lessons with exceptional musicians and tutors, including Jost Nickel and Claus Hessler. This experience has enriched me and fueled my desire to share my knowledge with others.


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